Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Refresh Their Look and Improve UI/UX

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Project Overview

Objective & Challenge

Exton Region Chamber of Commerce had an old, static WordPress theme website for years that was difficult to manage and update. With how the Chamber operates, different Marketing Council members would get their hands on the website to make updates but there was never any cohesion over the years. A big challenge for this project was not upsetting the local SEO and integrations with the Chamber CRM system that was also embedded throughout the hand-coded website.

Strategy & Execution

The main goal of the website refresh was improving the user experience on the site. We took in the past year's worth of Google Analytics data to understand how users browsed and journeyed through the old website and where we needed to improve page flow and stop bounces and exits. In doing so, we featured Upcoming Events, the Directory, and New Member links right at the top of the website page when users first hit the site. This was something we needed to help improve for the Chamber. Also as a part of the website refresh, we brought in a new color palette of "blues" to replace the deep reds and maroon colors of previous years. This new color scheme brought a revived look to the overall site and "softened" the harsher deep tones.